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If you are into sales and marketing an important strategy to learn are sales funnels and the best way to implement them in your business plan.

Although it may seem impossible to turn someone who has no interest in your product or service to be a loyal customer, a proper sales funnel can help you create buyers out of people whom you never knew could be interested. A good sales funnel can also help turn a lead into a loyal customer who can even refer other people to you. That is to say as professors of search optimization, do not believe all the hype found in various google seo products. Much of this can be extremely misleading or outdated despite being well-intended information.

So…. What exactly is a sales funnel? Can they really help you if you have been doing well without them?

In this article, we are going to answer these questions to help you learn in depth, what are sales funnel and how you can use them.

What is a sales funnel?

ipas2 marketing trainingA sales funnel is actually an inverted pyramid that aims to draw potential customers through the sales process of a company. Just like the name suggest, it is wide at the top since all levels of customer engagement enters there and the strongest lead are eventually channeled to the bottom to be turned into successful sales. There are marketing certification bundles you can purchase that will show you the entire process of lead generation and social media training so you can benefit accordingly.

As sale opportunity moves down the funnel, the closing time decreases and the probability of sale occurring increases.

Top Of The Sales Funnel

Everyone enters here because of interest that has been generated in your product due to effective promotion and marketing strategies. The top of the funnel is usually the widest because there is no filter mechanism at play and there is encouragement for everyone to explore. This is the stage where leads are generated.

A lead is someone who becomes aware of your product/service or some whom you decide to peruse for a sale even if they are not aware of your product/service existence. This is the stage where you make a potential customer to be aware that you actually exist by marketing your company/product/service through various platforms such as social media marketing, advertising, word of mouth, attending events, among many others.

Middle Of The Sales Funnel

This is the stage where the customer has actually taken a step beyond just going through the basic information regarding your product/service.

At this point the potential customer is actually a prospect (someone who has some kind of contact with your product/service and shows interest). People may show interest in your product if your offer is so effective that moves them to take action. You will have more prospects if you have good leads. There are experts who teach marketing online that would be in your best interest to follow as well.

To turn prospects in to customers, you need to educate them about your product and why they should use your product or service. You also need to show them how your product/service works. It is a very tricky stage mainly because you got to do your best to identify potential customers correctly.

Bottom Of The Sales Funnel

At this stage, a potential customer is qualified and committed to make a purchase. Customers have all the information they need about your product or service and they are convinced that your product/service is the best. Here customers make a commitment to buy or use your product/ service.

Depending on your service delivery and the quality of your product, the customer may make a repeated buy and even refer other customers to you. Good customer relationship is very important at this stage. If you want to learn more about this subject is a good idea to study and analyze successful sales funnels that are yielding results.

There are clever systems designed to work in conjunction with iPas2 which has mastered the art of creating sales funnels and can help you to learn more about them.

How can sales funnel help add value to your business?

  • It helps you to only channel your efforts to customers who most likely to purchase your service/product.
  • It helps you add some predictability to the sale process which is otherwise very variable.